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5 must-have Apple Watch apps

by Linda Haviv

Posted on May 21, 2015 at 10:00 PM

AppleWatchApps Facebook17 Twitter257 livefyre1 Email Print File photo. (REUTERS/Thomas Peter) Quick and glanceable. These are the two magic ingredients for a superior Apple Watch app. The Apple Watch is more than the typical watch. Yes, it tells time but it also aims to cut the ‘digital noise’ in your daily life. Some apps help you do that better than others. With 5,107 apps available for the Apple Watch as of May 17, according to app market data analysis specialist App Annie, a growing number of apps are using Apple’s new wearable device. Here are the 5 must-have third party apps you should know about, which all work on Apple Watch with an iPhone:
7 Minute Workout (Johnson & Johnson) – Free Don't have time to squeeze in a full workout? Experience the 7 Minute Workout app right from your wrist. You can view the timer, current exercise, upcoming exercise, and adjust the intensity from your watch. Health and fitness are two of the biggest areas of focus for the Apple Watch, and many third-party apps are jumping on the bandwagon. While Apple’s default health and fitness apps can help you stay active throughout the day, the 7 minute workout app can be a great addition for those days where you are tight on time and/or want a specific workout routine. Things – $9.99

Just remembered you have to do something? Apple apparently decided you don't need a reminder app on your wrist. But, don’t you worry, Things is a third-party app that does just that and more. The watch display revolves around a "Today List," making your daily goals viewable and easy to mark as complete on the go. Chipotle - Free

Need a burrito fix? Not only does Chipotle now deliver, you can now press the ‘Burrito Button’ to order right from your wrist! The Chipotle app even has a countdown clock, counting down to the time when your food will be ready. Long waits are long gone. Trivia Crack – Free
While the watch can help us be productive, having fun can be just as important. Game apps for the watch are far from scarce, currently accounting for 10% of Apple Watch apps, according to App Annie. If you need a trivia fix then Trivia Fix could be for you. Spin the wheel to get a trivia quiz on topics ranging from history to science. Additionally, when you compete against friends and people around the world, you will be notified on your wrist the moment your opponent is finished with their turn.
Dark Sky - $3.99 Want to go grab lunch outside or walk your dog but not too sure if it’s going to rain?Dark Sky acts as your personal weather station and can notify you just by tapping your wrist if it is going to rain or snow in your precise location up to an hour in advance.

Dark Sky uses your exact location to predict the chance of rain down to the minute. It even includes an accurate 24-hour timeline of weather conditions for today, tomorrow, and the next day. Protection Status OG26635, EIN:47-1390091